A Life Check-In

Yes, I know I’m the worst. I skipped the February installment for this lovely blog (that is not read by a single soul), but still, I’m disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my set schedule, no matter the reason. 

~hOwEvEr~ there have been a few fun life updates that I thought I’d divulge here on this lovely Monday. First and foremost, I have no money. Ironic, isn’t it? If you go back to my Pilot post, you’ll see that snatching a bit of extra cash was one of the big motivators for starting this blog, BUT DO NOT FRET! This big batch of word vomit actually isn’t for nothing. I’ve used some of my blog posts as writing samples to apply for *insert drumroll*, a side hustle

This is quite a big step for me in my professional life. I’ve decided that though I do adore my co-workers and the company I work for, I hate insurance. HATE IT. Fully, completely, and irrevocably. This is in no way any fault of my boss’; it’s just the nature of the beast. I don’t know if any of you imaginary audience members have heard of the state of property insurance in Louisiana, but it is a complete dumpster fire, and it deserves to rot in the stinky depths of hell. 

So, if I’m ever going to leave insurance someday, I need a plan, and I’ve landed on copywriting–a surprising development considering the absolute chaos that is this blog, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. 

Back to the part-time job. The hiring team actually liked the blog posts I submitted as my sample material, so they offered me a paid trial wherein they gave me the choice of four topics; I researched, outlined, and wrote a 3000-ish word article, then submitted it for editing. If they like it, they’ll take me on at about $1000 a month to write one article a week. If they find some stuff they want me to fix, they’ll give me a chance to make revisions and resubmit for an opportunity to still get the job, or if they hate it, I’ll be paid for my work, and they’ll shoo me away. Pretty simple stuff. 

An extra $1000 a month is nothing to scoff at, and what’s better is that I can take on more than that if I have the time, and there’s really no cap to how many articles they’ll let me take on as long as I finish each one within seven days of calling dibs on a topic. It’s a whole process, and I won’t get too excited lest they despise my submission and don’t offer me the job. But, job offer or not, I still plan to go ahead with my copywriting plan. 

The last couple of weeks has been quite a whirlwind. Lent started, and I’ve been going to the gym more per my Lenten resolution. I’m also carb-cycling, which is an exciting health thing I’ve taken on, and would love to write more about eventually (maybe I’ll become a health and fitness girlie, who knows?) I own a Stanley cup because sometimes I turn my brain off and become susceptible to influence, and I’m sunburnt from golfing with my boyfriend. C’est la vie des jeunes. Wild, fancy, and free, but not really since I have bills and the price of food is up by like 15%. Hence the necessity for a second job. 

I have financial goals. My Zillow daydreams will never come true without another $12K a year, at the very least. #GenZForHomeOwnership. 

I’m thinking that next week we can get back on track with our regularly scheduled content. This one was more of a chatty check-in than anything else just so I could make myself feel better by having something posted by the end of the first week in March. I’ll have something more structured waiting in the wings for next time. But honestly, that’s all for now. I wanted all of my make-believe fans to know that I am, in fact, still alive and writing, and I shall be back soon enough with an offering of more substance.